Megan-Jean Manson – Creative Manager

profilepicMegan is a 2009 graduate of Cazenovia College with a BFA in Visual Communications. She is the winner of the Excellence in Visual Communications and the Excellence in Art and Design Awards among her graduating peers for her passion and ambition in the field of graphic design.

Originally a gifted illustrator, Megan refocused her career in 2010 to become a more rounded designer, independently learning how to front-end code and design websites to broaden her portfolio. In 2012, she struck out as an independent freelancer and began working full time on her design business, Immortal Phoenix Studios. The studio¬†acquired Molly Jean’s Marketing and Public Relations in 2014.

At this time she represents Immortal Phoenix Studios as a member of the Malone Chamber of Commerce and also one of their Board of Directors.

Molly-Jean Manson – Social Media Manager

Molly joined Immortal Phoenix Studios in 2014 after the merger of her business Molly-Jean’s Marketing and Public Relations with the studio. She started offering marketing and public relations services in the fall of 2012, managing local business’ Facebook and other social media pages. She also provides marketing consolations to business owners beyond the realm of the world wide web. In addition, Molly manages the execution of advertising campaigns and several websites for her clients as needed.